In Policarpo Briones we’ve been offering the best solutions in thermal insulation for more than 50 years. And we always do taking security, environmental requirements and quality into consideration.


We insulate any installation system containing cold fluids, such as:

Freezing tunnels and cryogenic installations (-196°C), insulated with injected polyurethane or cellular glass (Foamglas™).

Cold systems with ammonia, glycol, CO2 … (between -50°C & 7°C), insulated with injected polyurethane.

Large air conditioning systems for buildings.


We insulate any installation system containing hot fluids, such as:

Steam and condensation installations with temperatures between 90°C & 160°C.

Thermal oil installations with temperatures over 250°C.

Hot air and gas installations with temperatures over 750°C.


We insulate all kinds of pipe systems or equipment that requires keeping a product at a certain temperature, without any temperature loss or increase in the process. For example: caustic soda installations, carbolic acid, glucose, etc.